What is the NCHRL, and what does it do?

The National Committee for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL), defends for human rights in Libya by monitoring, and auditing human rights violations, and by unveiling facts on a large scale. it put pressure on those in power to respect human and constitutional rights, and to uphold justice and by reaffirming the concept of the rule of law.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya Libya is civilian independent non governmental organization, established on September 25th 2013, working within the framework of a strong movement, aimed at protecting human dignity and advocate for human rights cause, and protecting human rights for all individuals without distinction. 

The NCHRL staff?

As of today, the NCHRL staff is composed of 36 dedicated and unpaid volunteers scattered across 8 different Libyan cities, some of those volunteers leave their towns/cities to go and verify reports of incidents outside the boundaries of their location.

The NCHRL uses a state of the art, encrypted cloud telecommunication solution to ensure the privacy of our reports, and the safety of our staff, everything you say or communicated with the NCHRL is safe, and remains safe among our database.  the NCHRL doesn't share it's database & will not divulge the identity of those who correspond with it.

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