You can submit a report very easily and safely!  Our system is easy to use & 100% secure using SSL technology.

Go to the reporting website: & select English as your language, or another preferred language among the 37 available languages.


1. Click on Submit a report.

2. Now Enter the information related to the report, and select all categories that apply

(If the incident has happened on a different day, we strongly recommend to select the exact date & time by clicking on the modify date, this will give you access to the calendar, and time selector.

Now select the date & exact time of the incident that you would like to report.

Select the categories that apply to your incident, ex: explosions, abduction or whatever applies to your incident.

Even unimportant incidents such as power outages, disruption of communication can be reported in our system, in fact, we encourage you to report any abnormal things, since there can be a pattern between these incidents.


Don't forget to put your name & correct email address, or else we wouldn't be able to get in touch wiht you to verify this report!   (don't worry, we don't share your any of your contact information with the outside world without your express authorization & instructions)

3. Choose the location of the incident & submit:

Now you need to put the location of the incident, for that use the search location space, names such as Tajura, Janzour, Tripoli would give you results.  You can also put in Latitude, Longitude coordinates, or use the map to zoom-in and click until you find your desired location.

You can if you like attach photos you wish to upload photos, or relevant links such as a Youtube video, or a news paper article.    

Click on Submit & you are all done!! 

Go now to the reporting website: we are waiting to hear from you



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