Your life maybe in danger! Do not call Libyan num. of the NCHRL, these are with militia who abducted our staff, weeding out our volunteers.

Urgent and official statement of the National Commission for Human Rights - Libya (150) of 2015, about the abduction and illegal detention of the spokesman for the national commission for human rights libya.

On December 11th 2015,  The spokesman of the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya, Mr. Ahmed Abdul Hakim Hamza has been abducted, and is currently being held by the militia of « Alboorky » in the region of Abu-saleem in Tripoli.  The reasons and the motives behind this abduction and illegal incarceration are still vague or unknown.

Our offices were alerted of this abduction when serval phone calls were directly made from the personal cell-phone 0925396206 of Mr. Ahmed Abdul Hakim Hamza, to people who he seemed to have been recently in contact with, no doubt that this is in the hope of obtaining privileged information about the National Commission of Human Rights, and the identities of those working for this organization. An alert was triggered by our office when we’ve heard of such calls, and we have been able to determine since, that Mr. Ahmed Abdul Hakim Hamza is alive, and indeed being held by the « Alboorky » militia in their office of Abou-Saleem in Tripoli. 

Note: It’s relevant to mention that the NCHRL spokesman has previously escaped an attempt on his life no earlier than last week, and that such acts of violence against Human Rights activists, journalists, media correspondents, organizations and people-cause spokesman, has been a common occurrence in Libya, and are increasing ever since the worsening of the general humanitarian situation on the ground.



 We call for an urgent support from the local government entities in Libya, from the international community, from the U.N Human rights mission in Libya, from the the U.N support mission in Libya, from the European Union mission in Libya, from NGO’s such as Amnesty international, and Human rights watch, and others concerned bodies, to take all necessary actions to free Mr. Ahmed Abdul Hakim Hamza as soon as possible, and to take all necessary actions to protect the employees and volunteers of the National Commission for Human Rights in Libya, by providing support for their efforts, and vital work to advance the human rights cause.

According to the incoming reports that the NCHRL receives regularly, and according by the latest U.N report on the humanitarian situation in Libya, we are well aware that violence, torture, and crimes against humanity are common is such prisons, which belong to militias that are not under the control of the Libyan government, and who knows what else happens in there?


Thank you for your cooperation.

The Bureau of fact finding and reports of the National Commission for Human rights - Libya

Geneva - Switzerland

Saturday 11th of December, 2015


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